Sample Coaching Session

I offer a 45 minute reduced-fee coaching session to allow you to see how I coach and to allow me to form an opinion on whether we'll work well together. I offer this to people who are ready to hire the right person to help them make changes immediately. The cost for the session is $25 (my regular hourly fee is $125 for telephone sessions and $150 for in-person).

I also offer a 15 minute complimentary telephone session to answer any questions you have about the methods I use and what benefits you can expect from coaching with me.

To request a sample session, email me at or phone me at 604-375-9341 and I will let you know what times I have available.

I usually hold sample sessions during my regular coaching hours (Monday-Friday 9am-2pm PST and Monday and Thursday afternoons and evenings).

At the end of our sample coaching session you can decide if you would like to continue coaching with me, either immediately or in the future. I don't do "hard sell". If you and I can't see how the coaching will benefit you right now, I don't even talk about my prices, I just wish you well. If you received benefit from the session (and almost everyone does), I will tell you which appointment times I have available and we will set up a time and day of the week for our future sessions.

Prior to the coaching session, consider what you would like to be coached on. I'll help you choose a topic if you haven't decided on one.

All information is kept confidential.


After one sample session:

I just wanted to let you know the changes are already happening! I can't believe it. I guess its right what's meant to be will be and it happens easily with little effort.

Since I spoke with you, I ended up at try outs for a team. Today I made the team, the coach liked me enough after the first try out he actually asked me if I would play with them! I feel like I've rekindled a lost love! 

This is just the beginning, I hope to find out about my job next week!  I wouldn't have done this had I not spoken to you! You truly have helped me already! Thank you!

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