Coaching Clients

Each client that works with me is unique, but because of the way life works, I tend to attract clients to me that have goals that I've either worked through myself or that I'm working on now. Sometimes they have just gone through a major life change. Many of the clients I have worked with in the past are in creative or helping professions. Below I have listed some goals and work roles of people I have coached in the past.

Life Changes

Work Goals for Coaching

Personal Goals for Coaching

Work Roles of Coaching Clients


Thank you so much Brenda. You have helped me get focus and clarity on the action steps I need to face my challenges. I go away from each session with a renewed sense of purpose. I feel more empowered and more confident. As a result, I am now starting a new job in the area that I am suited for. You have truly helped me transition.
- Margot L.

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