Enjoy Your Work

Your job should feel like play, not work.  Is it time to change careers? Have you considered career advice or career counseling?

You don’t have to wait until you’ve won the lottery.  You have options now.  Give yourself the opportunity to dream and let me help you find a way to live your dream.  There’s no rush to make a decision – we’ll explore possibilities until the time is right.

I help you match your dreams and personality to a job that fits the life you want to lead.  Do you want a job close to home?  Time for your personal and family life?  One where you are making a difference in people's lives?  Together we will explore the what, how & when.  I'll brainstorm with you, provide you with resources, and help you to use your intuition and be open to the possibilities around you.  I'll help you get past the fears and beliefs that stand in your way.

Get started on your new life today! Set up a sample coaching session or start by asking yourself some career change questions. If you are interested in attending the What to Be When You Grow Up workshop or a career change group, please email me and I'll put your name on the list to notify you once I've set the times and location.


New Career

Thank you Brenda for providing me with the encouragement to keep going in my search for a new career. You have helped me to look for a career that would satisfy areas in my life that are very important to me, such as creativity, humour and social responsibility. I have been pleasantly surprised by your uncanny knack of finding information that I wanted but just couldn't seem to find. Your knowledge and experience with numerous alternative methods for achieving health is another of your strengths that has been of great value to me. I also have to thank you for using your intuitiveness and how you encouraged me to use mine. The bottom line of all your support has really been and continues to be, that you have helped me to appreciate myself and my gifts and directed me to enjoy my life more fully. You truly are a Holistic Life Coach.
- Genoa B.

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